2021 CSA Subscription Sign-Ups!

Sooo…2020 wasn’t exactly our year. But hey, we made it through this together. While we can’t say 2021 will be much better, we can promise that we will try to make this year a flower-filled year. Reserve your weekly dose of happiness for 2021 and support your favorite local flower farm by signing up for our 2021 CSA weekly flower subscription.


Local flowers are fresher, utilize less fossil fuels than imports, and support your local economy. It’s a win for you, because the amazing vase life. It’s a win for Ma Nature because less fossil fuels. It’s a win for your community, because local commerce.
Win. Win. Win.


Less fossil fuels? Yupp, but it’s more than that. Our flowers are 100% pollinator friendly saving the bees and providing habitat for wildlife critters. Our management practices focus on soil health and biodiversity to build healthier crops without using harsh chemicals.


Feel in tune with nature, as you experience the joy of spring tulips, the cheer of summer sunflowers, and the beauty of fall dahlias. A seasonal life is a happy life. Our flower offerings change seasonally. It’s cool, and you’ll find treasures you never knew existed. You’ll see.

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank