Early Spring CSA


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Springtime. Don’t you love it? We will not even try to pretend…this is our favorite CSA subscription. Period. Our Early Spring CSA is 5 wonderful weeks of tulips, scented narcissus, ranunculus, and sooo many more springtime treasures. These flowers are our most popular flowers all season long.

This CSA will begin Mid-March through Mid-April. Ma Nature is a little crazy these days so this subscription has a “floating start date.” What’s that mean? That means those flowers will bloom when they’re good and ready. Maybe the subscription will begin at the beginning of March? Maybe Spring will come later this year? We can’t be sure, but we will give you an e-mail notification 7-10 days before this CSA gets going. What do we promise? Five amazing spring wrapped bouquets.

Check out our CSA FAQs page for more information.

*If this CSA is being purchased as a gift, please e-mail us, and we can provide a printable custom card with details for the CSA.
**During checkout please ensure you provide a correct e-mail address so that we can communicate with you throughout this farm season.