The Facts:

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community-supported agriculture. The goal of a CSA is to connect consumers with producers and to support small scale agriculture and the local movement. Our CSA is a weekly subscription of our flowers. You get a beautifully wrapped bouquet once a week, and we get some peace of mind knowing that some of our perishable goods already have a home. By paying for a CSA prior to the season, you’re ensuring that we have the capital for infrastructure, seeds, and equipment. We have a very small farm and after a long winter? Money is a little scarce. Your support of our CSA ensures that we have the capital to continue growing the most beautiful flowers ever.

When & Where can I pick up my CSA?

Prior to check-out we offer several different CSA pick-up locations. Currently, you can pick up for free at Water’s Edge Chocolates in Tullahoma, or at Harvest Local foods in Manchester.

When does my CSA start?

We offer several different CSA options, but ultimately, mother nature decides when the flowers will come. Our spring CSA comes when the flowers are good and ready! Don’t worry, we will let you know closer to the day, usually around Mid-March and runs through Mid-April! Our Summer CSA begins the first week of June and runs through the end of August. We take a vacation week (no bouquets) during the week of the 4th of July. Our Fall CSA begins the first week of September and ends the first week of October. We will send you e-mail notifications updating you weekly throughout the season!

How do I pay for my CSA?

The easiest way to get our CSA is right here at our SHOP. All CSA Subscriptions are paid upfront prior to the start of the season. If you need any help, or have further questions, feel free to Contact Us.

What if I can’t pick up?

If you can’t pick up, we completely understand. Occasionally things come up, and maybe you want to take a week of vacation. We get it. Our CSA is NON-Refundable, but we do allow you to give away your weekly bouquet and/or have someone pick-up on your behalf. Just send us a quick e-mail letting us know that you won’t be able to pick-up this week and that your lucky friend is getting a gift of sunshine.

What if I forget to pick up my CSA?

Unfortunately, we cannot hold CSA bouquets if they are not picked-up. Our Pick-Up location partners are very generous in offering their precious space to us. As such, they will not hold flowers outside of their designated pick-up window. You can, of course, send someone to pick-up for you, if you let us know in advance.

I want a new Pick-Up Location:

We are happy to add more pick-up locations for your convenience! In order for us to start a new CSA drop-off location, we need the commitment of at least 5 full-season subscriptions, and we need you to provide a local business or drop-off point. Just send as an e-mail, and we will be happy to work with you!

I want a refund!

Sorry, we are unable to refund our CSA Subscriptions. If you are unhappy with your subscription, we welcome you to Contact Us so that we can work to make things right, but we do NOT offer CSA refunds. Our CSA program is the primary support system for our farm, as such we expect a level of support and commitment from our subscribers. If you can’t pick up anymore, we are happy to donate your flowers to local charities in your name.