Just a boy and his flowers…

You ever want to change the world? Yeah, same. But where do you start? At Buzzed Blooms, we believe that making the world a better place is as simple as growing a flower.

We are a small flower farm dedicated to sustainable management practices that are beneficial for the environment, for humanity, and for the world. Our flowers bring joy to people and the environment.

If you do your research? The flower industry has a few dark secrets. We want to change that. Something so beautiful and wonderful should never have any level of darkness. Our flowers give back to the world and only spread happiness.

A portion of our flowers feed the bees. Our flowers use minimal fossil fuels. Our flowers are all natural. We give away free bouquets (joy bombs) EVERY WEEK during flower season.

Our mission is to bring as much happiness and goodness into the world as possible. We are changing the world, one stem at a time.

SO, how did all this get started? Well, it started with a little garden with twelve dahlias and a ridiculous amount of sugar beets. I couldn’t even grow a beet. I just couldn’t. I tried, but they all died. Honestly, I don’t even know why I was growing sugar beets? But, hey…it happened. The dahlias on the other hand? They flourished. So, I added a free packet of zinnias to the mix. I sold one entire bouquet that first year. Thanks mom. You rock.

Fast forward three years, and I gave up my marketing career to grow flowers full-time. Why? Because I believe in the positive impact that cut flowers can have on the world, and I believe in the next generation of young farmers. So, support us. It’s easy to do. You give us a few dollars for our piggy bank, and we give you a jar full of joy and goodness. It’s a great trade.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.” – Buddha