Why Choose Local Flowers?

Local Flowers

Our flowers are Grown NOT Flown. Local flowers are fresh flowers. Which means you get to enjoy them longer. It's just that simple. The fact that our flowers are 100% chemical free (unlike our importer friends) and support the local economy is just a bonus.

Environmentally Friendly

BEE friendly to the environment. A portion of all our flowers are grown for the pollinators. We even have a partnership with a local beekeeper to help keep our favorite pollinators happy and healthy. So next time you open that jar of honey? You're welcome.

Building Community

Supporting your local businesses means building your local economy. Choosing local flowers is no exception. We have dozens of partnerships with small, local businesses. Every time you support us, you support dozens of business in the Middle Tennessee area.

2020 Season Subscription

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Seasonal Arrangement- Delivered

Our Seasonal Arrangements combine value with whimsy! Say goodbye to that lame dozen roses that you’re used to and usher in an opportunity to send some of the happiest flowers in the world!

Our seasonal arrangements are the perfect thing for any happy occasion! We only use flowers that we grow right here on our farm in Coffee County, Tennessee. Our …

Meet our team:

Never forget the power of a single flower.
The Dreamer

The Dreamer

Austin Graf is the Owner of Buzzed Blooms and the chief field hand and grower. He is usually daydreaming about new business ventures and how to get The Florist and The Grumpy Old Man to financially back them.

The Florist

The Florist

Mary Graf is the lead floral designer and Austin's mother. She is deaf in one ear, but often elects, even with her good ear, to never hear Austin or Anthony. Just for fun.

The Grumpy Old Man

The Grumpy Old Man

Anthony Graf is a sheep farmer, but he is also Austin's father. He grudgingly helps the team when needed. He secretly thinks flowers are beautiful. He also loves pretending like he does not.